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Ghent's VPS VNC Session
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Welcome to the Gentoo BySH Custom template. It comes preinstalled with Deluge, Transmission and rTorrent, as well as FlexGet for RSS sites and Firefox. There's a default user ready to go out of the box. Keep reading for more info and a simple walkthrough on how to get started.


User Information

    VNC     SSH (root)     SSH (user)     Deluge  
  Username     none     root     bt     none  
  Password     bytesized     assigned     none     deluge  

NOTE: It is HIGHLY suggested that you change the passwords for the VNC session, bt user and Deluge WebUI as soon as possible as anyone will be able to access your VPS until you do!}}

Download Information

Currently there is no FTP server active in the template. You may choose to install one or just use an SSH/SCP program to download (recommended method). There are several for all platforms.


  1. Using a VNC client, connect to your IP address or hostname followed with a ":1" after it.
  2. Once you login with the bt VNC password you will see the standard screen.
  3. Load Deluge by selecting it from the menu by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner.
  4. You can load the file manager (like Explorer) by clicking the icon in the bottom left bar.
  5. Make sure your Deluge preferences are what you want them to be. They are basically configured already and useable just as they are.
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