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This page documents the custom bytesized template.

First Steps

In order to get your Seedbox up and running, there's still some small settings you have to adjust. Point your browser to the ip you got assigned and a website should show up.

Choose the client you want to use by default and select a password.

If you've done that, you should be ready to roll! Just point your browser to the client you select and the webui should show up. (i.e. 62.521.77.75/deluge if you selected deluge) The only exception is rtorrent if you selected this client point your browser to /rutorrent.

When prompted for a username/passsword the username is bt and the password is the one you just entered.

Preloaded Services

The template comes preloaded with the following things:

  • deluge
  • rtorrent+rutorrent
  • utorrent
  • transmission
  • ssh/scp server
  • ftp server (vsftpd)

BT User

For proper permission separation this template comes with a user setup to do the downloading. The username for this user is "bt" and the home directory is /var/downloads.

Under the Hood

The template is based of debian 5.0 and you can of course do anything/install anything you would want to install on a vps.

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