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Bytesized Debian 5 Full

This page documents the custom bytesized template.
VNC Screenshot


Version 0.9

New applications

* SABnzbd
* X-Chat
* Leafpad
* LXTerminal


 * Replaced the windows manager with OpenBox
 * Installed lxPanel
 * Added Wallpapers (Thanks Eebs!)
 * Set default Iceweasel url
 * Lowered the default Apache2 settings even more

First Steps

The Debian 5 ByteSized Seedbox template was created to help you get your Seedbox up and running quickly. Using a normal web browser you can complete the final stage of setup, this stage lets you choose your preferred torrent client and specify your password.

Point your browser to the IP you were assigned, you should see the "ByteSized VPS - Client Setup" page.

The password and Client select screen

Select your preferred client and specify a password for the #Default User Account.

Once you have done this, you should be ready to roll! From now whenever you point your browser to you assigned IP address you will be presented with the web interface for torrent client you selected.

When prompted for a username/passsword the username is bt and the password is the one you just entered.

VNC should be running on the default port with the same password as you specified in the first step.

Preloaded Services

The template comes preloaded with the following things:

  • Deluge
  • rTorrent+ruTorrent
  • uTorrent
  • Transmission
  • x-Chat
  • SABnzbd
  • Ssh/scp server
  • Ftp server (vsftpd)

Default User Account

It is especially important in a server environment to maintain some level of permission separation. While you have root access to the VPS it is important that minimise your usage of this account, many application and services are dangerous when run as the root account.

As such we have setup a default user account for your SeedBox activities, this user account is "bt".

Default User Details
Username: bt
Password: As specified on the setup page
Home Directory: /var/downloads

Under the Hood

The template is based of Debian 5.0. On your VPS you have full control over system and the software installed. The easiest way to install software is to use the APT package management system. This system provides easy access to over 25,000 packages. For more information please read the APT Wiki

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