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*The status bar at the bottom gives overall information
*The status bar at the bottom gives overall information
*More info can be found at http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/wiki/RTorrentUserGuide .
*More info can be found at http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/wiki/RTorrentUserGuide .

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rTorrent is a very powerful and lightweight bittorrent client, that you can run right off your shell, combine it with your regular SSH dose to Bytesized-Hosting.


rTorrent explained

rTorrent is command line bittorent client. It is started and managed in terminal via command line. Common noob mistake is referring to rTorrent as ruTorrent. ruTorrent is WEBUI for rTorrent.

  • At this moment, Bytesized doesn`t support ruTorrent!

Starting rTorrent on boot

  • To have rTorrent startup and close correctly when you reboot your box, you will have to modify the startup and shutdown scripts located in your home folder.
  • SSH to your slice or start up your VNC and open up lxterminal.
  • Navigate to your home folder.
 cd ~/
  • Open and edit the script with leafpad:
leafpad ~/.startup
  • Add these two lines:
screen -S torrent -d -m -f rtorrent
stty ixoff -ixon
  • Next, we need to open shutdown script:

leafpad ~/.shutdown

and add:

screen -S torrent -X eval 'stuff \021'
  • Remember to comment out the deluge entries! You can follow this guide if you are unsure.
  • What this does is when your slice runs the startup script it starts rtorrent in a screen window called torrent. In the shutdown script we access this screen window by name, and send the quit signal to it making it close correctly without any data loss.

Creating a usable Watch folder for rTorrent

  • First off you will need to create the folder that you will want rTorrent to watch for new torrents. If you disable Deluge on your slice, you can use the watch folder created.
  • Simply navigate into the torrents folder and do :
mkdir rtorrent
cd rtorrent
mkdir watch
  • We now have the folder needed for rtorrent to watch. Navigate back to your home dir and open up .rtorrent.rc which is rTorrents config file or type:
leafpad ~/.rtorrent.rc

and add these lines to the file:

schedule = watch_directory,5,5,load_start=~/torrents/rtorrent/watch/*.torrent
schedule = untied_directory,5,5,stop_untied=

Basic rTorrent usage

  • You can read all the documentation for rTorrent by with the command:
man rtorrent

Explanation of rTorrent UI

  • The main page is comprised of a listing of all your torrents, you can select a torrent with the up/down keys
  • The status bar at the bottom gives overall information


Useful commands

BACKSPACE : open a torrent file and start it
RETURN : open a torrent file without starting it
CTRL-s : start a torrent
CTRL-d : stop a torrent / remove a stopped torrent (only press CTRL-D once if you only want to stop a torrent!)
CTRL-k : close a torrent
CTRL-o : change a torrent destination directory (can only been used on torrents closed with CTRL-K)
CTRL-r : force a hash check
right/left : navigate a torrent hierachy (right to see more information for a torrent)

Common problems and solutions

CTRL-s and CTRL-q don’t work!

Make sure you used:

screen -S torrent -d -m -f rtorrent
stty ixoff -ison

in your .startup file.

  • If you used this, and they still don’t work, you can then use CTRL-a s and CTRL-a q to send the CTRL-s and CTRL-q signals.
  • If you need any help, visit us on irc chat.
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