I upgraded uTorrent to 2.0.x and my WebUI doesnt work

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Congratulations, you just upgraded to one of the newer versions of uTorrent! However, your webui won't work anymore if you upgrade from a 1.x.x version. Fear not, there is an easy fix to get this working again :).

The Fix

1) Close uTorrent. Make sure you close it properly. To make sure it's closed all the way out, type 'ps -u username' in the console, replacing username with your dashboard name. Look for any processes that say something along the lines of "utorrent.exe" "utdumpxxxxx.exe" or "wineserver.exe" if that's the only thing you were running in wine. If you had something else, be wary of which wineserver you kill, you could end up killing the wrong program.

2) Get to your Application Data folder! This is the longer part of the process, but it's still easy. Follow these steps and you'll get there just fine.

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/users/
ls (this will list the directory contents)
cd username (your username, NOT PUBLIC!)
cd "Application Data\uTorrent"
rm webui.zip
wget http://is.gd/gHSYH
mv gHSYH webui.zip

3) Restart your box. Make sure your ~/.bashrc has your utorrent version set as 2.0.4. When you restart, everything should be working as it was. :)

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