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Since the FlexRSS plugin isn’t working in Deluge 1.2.*, I thought I write this workaround for adding torrents through RSS-Feeds. Feel free to add something or correct me if I made a mistake.

Installing FlexGet

FlexGet is a very powerful tool to aggregate and sort rss feeds automatically and it works well with deluge. For an introduction see http://blog.bytesized-hosting.com/2010/03/16/the-beauty-of-flexget/


Open the terminal on your box, either through VNC or through SSH.

  • Create virtualenv by typing in terminal:
virtualenv ~/flexget/
  • Activate virtualenv by typing in terminal:
 source ~/flexget/bin/activate
  • Install latest version for python 2.6 by typing in terminal:
easy_install http://download.flexget.com/unstable/FlexGet-1.0r1377-py2.6.egg

This will install FlexGet and all the required dependencies.

Configure FlexGet

  • While in your home directory, type in terminal:
 nano ./flexget/config.yml

Run FlexGet and build initial database

  • Type:
~/flexget/bin/flexget --initdb

(these are two dashes before initdb, but the wiki doesn’t format correctly)

  • You can then let cron run FlexGet every 30 minutes and it downloads new torrents automatically to your watch folder.
  • To edit your crontab, type:
crontab -e 
  • This will ask you to choose your prefered editor, select 3 for nano if you are comfortable with this.
  • Add the line:
*/30 * * * * ~/flexget/flexget —cron

This will run the program every 30minutes.

Please Note: You can follow this guy and simply replace the easy_install with the latest version from http://flexget.com/ the only difference is that newer version do not need you to —initdb

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