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Connecting to your box with FTP should be a breeze, just follow this guide.

Generate settings

  • Start off by finding the “Generate FileZilla settings” on your box's page. Go to the Boxes menu item and click the name of your Box's server. You should see this button on the next screen.


  • Click that link and save the file to any location you can remember.
  • Now goto FileZilla and click File→Import.


  • Navigate to the folder you saved the xml file in and open it.


  • A new pop-up should open and ask you which settings you would like to import.


  • If you have followed the steps you should now have a ByteSized entry in your “Site Manager”. If you rather use SFTP change "servertype" to SFTP.


  • One thing you should do is up the max ammount of simultaneous transfers to something like 6.



  • If you just need to get one file quickly from your box you can use most browsers to connect to your box.
  • Type in your browsers address bar:
ftp://username:[email protected]
  • All the data you need is on your dashboard.
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