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As of 12 November we use QoS to optimize FTP speeds. Should you still experience slow FTP speed please read on.

The first thing you should always do is use a multi-threaded client; FileZilla will work fine for most people but be sure to increase the max simultaneous transfers from the default (2) to a value that works best for you. It takes a bit of experimenting, six does it for most people. You can read more about setting up FileZilla here.

You need to use multiple threads because of the way the TCP-Protocol is made. When you are transferring files you can only send so much data all at once, after that the server will wait a bit and check if you got every file correctly, during that time no new data is sent. The further away from the server you are the more you will notice this delay.

It could also be that your ISP is throttling FTP transfers, if that is the case try changing the transfer method from FTP to SFTP. You can do this in FileZilla by going into the Site Manager and changing the Servertype from FTP to SFTP.

One of the things FileZilla can’t do is multithread single files, so I would advise everybody that doesn’t get great speeds using a single thread to download Free Download Manager Lite . It’s free and supports a very useful multithread system. Another option if you want to use SFTP is downloading BitKinex. It can do multisegmenting over SFTP connections.

Filesharingfreak did another excellent article on multi-segment downloads, read it here.

Finally it is still possible that your box’s upload is just spiking, so wait a few minutes and try again.

If you still feel there is something wrong technically with your box you can create a ticket or drop by IRC.

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