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ByteSized VPS Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rTorrent/ruTorrent, µTorrent, VNC, Deluge & Transmission only available for the Debian release, or is it possible to get this with let's say Ubuntu?
They all come pre-installed/pre-configured with our custome template. You can do it yourself on Ubuntu but we can't support it.
How much control will I have over the VPS? I can apt-get install software and the like?
Yes, you have full root access.
Do I get my own IP adress, or is it shared/static?
You get your own dedicated IP.
How will the speeds perform compared to the old plans? Is there an average or any indication on the VPS average speeds?
Since it's shared with at least 50% less people performance should be better but can't be guaranteed. We cannot guarantee minimum or maximum speeds since there are too many variables included.
How much Support does the VPS come with, is it more, less or the same as the Bytesized-Hosting plans?
You got support for all things pre-configured with our custom template. If something doesn't work in that, we will fix it. If you choose a stock image we expect you know a thing or two about linux. We simply don't have the time or the resources to help you set up everything but, of course, we are willing to help you with anything else you might require.
Can I reboot the VPS? Install another OS? What 'power' will I have over it?
You can reboot,shutdown,reinstall. Use serial console in your control panel if you somehow locked out yourself from the VPS. There are no limitations on how many times you can reinstall your VPS.
Will there be any place to check total bandwith usage, space used, etc? 'Dashboard' or so?
Yes you will have stats about your current ram / bandwidth / space usage.
I need more disk space and more RAM then offered, can I get that?
Since we calculated our plans based on available resources we cannot offer custom plans. If you however want to buy two spots and have that merged we will be happy to do so.
Are there any trackers I am [not] allowed to use, and if so - which ones?
Same rules apply as on BySH in theory, but we are not enforcing this yet. Be warned that you have a dedicated IP and any problems can be traced directly to you. Do not do anything illegal.
Can I setup an FTP on the box for a friend if he wants a file from me? This would [not] be used as an FTP server, but occasionally when a friend would really need it.
Can I share the box with a friend to split cost?
What's vps technology do you use (openvz/kvm/xen/vmware)?
We use openvz
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