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Getting started with your VPS account
ByteSized Hosting VPS Intro
Support system

Unlike the boxes we sell over at ByteSized Hosting which are fully managed we can't offer the same over at ByteSized VPS. The bottom-line is that since you have complete administrative control over your server we can't possibly support everything you might want to install. If you choose the ByteSized Debian 5 Template we will give support on all programs that come installed with that template. Having said we will always try to help you out wherever we can (if time permits us), it's just not included in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a special F.A.Q. page which should answer most questions you might have about ByteSized VPS. If you have an other question please add it to the page and we will supply you with an answer.

Custom Templates
  • ByteSized Debian 5
  • Bytesized Debian 5 Minimal - This VPS comes with a super small memory footprint, it uses only 14MB ram. But it's still a functional seedbox with rTorrent/ruTorrent and VSFTPD setup out of the box.
Available Templates

This is the list of available templates (May 2013)

[Custom] Debian 5 - BySH v1.1.2 64Bit - Recommended

[Stock] CentOS 6 64Bit

[Stock] Ubuntu 10.04 - 2011-07-26 32Bit

[Stock] CentOS 5 - 2010-11-12 32Bit

[Stock] Debian 5 - 2010-11-12 32Bit

[Stock] Debian 6

[Stock] Ubuntu 10.04 64Bit

[Stock] Ubuntu 11.10 64Bit

[Stock] Ubuntu 12.04 64Bit

[Stock] Ubuntu 13.04 64Bit

[Stock] Ubuntu 13.10 64Bit

[Stock] Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit

You can check OpenVZ templates list if none of these templates are what you require. Open a ticket and we will see what we can do to add it to the list :)

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