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Are you subject to the 3TB/month limitation other resellers are?

No, this is a common limitation for seedbox providers that are OVH or kimsufi based. Our provider however,, currently has no such limitation. In fact, it may very well be that our boxes consume well over 20 TB of traffic a month.

No, really, what are your limits? Other provider said that you *must* have limits.

We have a deal with our provider that our server remain uncapped. So when we say unlimited, we mean unlimited.

Where are the boxes physically located?

All our currently available boxes are located in Luxembourg.

What do you mean exactly by "shady public trackers"?

We do not allow the use of torrents that are registered on a tracker that allows anyone to sign up without an invite. The rule of thumb is: If you can get a .torrent file of the server without an invitation, then the tracker is banned. This policy is enforced through our firewall as well as scanning for torrent files containing trackers that are publicly accessible.

Torrentleech is not public but it is banned. What gives?

The reason we ban TL to begin with is that there have been claims for some time now that people received DMCA letters. In short; the swarms are being spied on. We don’t want to enrisk us or anybody else and that’s why we have chosen to ban it preventively. We do not want to risk anything!

How many people are on a server?

While this is a commonly asked question, it is hard to answer, as we don't have a set number of users on a box. It varies largely depending on what plans users purchase and how much the box can handle. We take great care to not oversell the boxes; monitoring them and only deploying additional users to the boxes, if they can actually handle it. Since we have no interest in unhappy customers that suffer from bad speeds due to overselling, we take this very seriously. But if you insist on a number, anywhere between 6-10.

How can you be so cheap?

The main reason why we are cheap is because we are just a two man-company, and have couple of our regular users who help out, a lot(This line is added by creator of this page <3). We love torrents, we love sharing and started this company for that reason. We don't have an office, we don't have to pay a secretary, we don't have to pay for telephone lines or fax-machines (who uses those anyway) in short; we don't have a lot of overhead, giving you competitive prices.

What methods of payment do you support?

Currently, we only support payment via Paypal.

What are the hardware specs of the boxes which you use?

While this also varies, our main "workhorse" servers are equipped with Athlon 64 X2 5600+, 6GB of ram and are hooked up to a completely unmetered 100Mbit port.

Do you also allow webhosting?

No, this is something we will never allow on our shared servers.

Do you allow the use of software X on the seedboxes?

Probably; assuming that it does not require a webserver and that it does not consume too much of the available system resources. As the boxes are shared, resources are shared as well. A program allowing music tagging is for example no problem, while using the box to do video encoding 24/7 is not acceptable.

What speeds can I expect?

Speed depends on a lot of things, server usage is of course is a factor, but most of the time the torrents used are the biggest factor. A seedbox won't help if the torrent only has a few peers in the swarm, we ask that you read up on the bittorrent protocol and how it works. That being said, popular new torrents can easily achieve 10MB/s down and a few MB/s up.

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