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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my dashboard report X GB used but when I calculate it from VNC/SSH it says Y?
A. We often get questions asking if the disk-usage is wrong this has to do between the difference in GB and GiB. Just try to go with whatever your dashboard says and don't worry. All our boxes come with an extra 10% of burstable space; so I've you are afraid you might not be able to fit it all in, you probably can :)
Q. Can I use ruTorrent with your service?
A. We don't offer ruTorrent. In contrary to Deluge / uTorrent / Transmission, ruTorrent requires a separate webserver to serve it's webui. This is a lot of overhead and harder to automate setup. Since we already provide 4 torrent clients we feel that this should be enough.
Q. Can I get a speedtest from my server
A. Yes; since all our servers have the same line you can use the following speedtest:
Q. Why is Torrentleech banned?
A. The reason we ban TL to begin with is that there have been claims for some time now that people received DMCA letters. In short; the swarms are being spied on. We don’t want to risk us or anybody else and that’s why we have chosen to ban it preemptively.
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