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|Data until this account will be disabled
|Date until this account will be disabled

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ByteSized API


The ByteSized API enables you as member to get all kinds of information from your account in an a neatly presented XML document. This makes it easy to build third party applications to display this data. We build it for our Google Chrome extension but you can use it for any other app you would like.

Connecting should be used as the URL to connect to our API. It requires one parameter, (one of) your API-Key(s).

In example:


This is an example of what could be returned by our API.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
  <balance type="float">10</balance> 
  <shared_accounts type="array"> 
      <live_quota>90GB / 110GB</live_quota> 
      <paid_till type="datetime">2011-04-11</paid_till> 
      <live_quota>177.31GB / 220GB</live_quota> 
      <paid_till type="datetime">2011-06-24</paid_till> 

Let's go over the different tags.

Attribute Description Type Example
login The username matching the given API-key string Animazing
balance Current account balance float 13.50
shared_accounts root element for shared_account information array
server_name name of the server for this account string hekantonkheires
cached_quota Amount of diskspace used when last checked on server float 177.3143
percentage_quota Percentage of disk-space used float 82.55
live_quota Diskspace used at this moment returns cached if the server could not be reached. string 177.31GB / 220GB
soft_quota Soft diskspace limit for this account integer 220
hard_quota Hard diskspace limit for this account integer 241
days_till_deletion Days until this account will be disabled integer 12
paid_till Date until this account will be disabled date(time) 2011-01-24
web_vnc_link Link to this users web-based VNC server string
upgrade_available Is it possible to upgrade this account to the next plan boolean true

The API is bound to be changed but existing data should always be presented as is now, major versions will have a new URL to accompany them.

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