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Basic stuff you need to know

So, you’ve paid for your seedbox and may not know how to use your seedbox. Well, fret not!

  • Please look on your dashboard for “Box details”. We will go over all the items on here before dealing with the main items.



This is the hostname of the server that your box is on. If you want to use your own FTP client this is what you use to connect to.


Your login name to our website and the server you are deployed on. Please note that this is case-sensitive and should always be all lowercase for FTP etc.


The current diskspace usage of your box. It gets this data from your server when you load the page.


This is the port number that your Deluge Webui is running on, the connect link will open your Deluge Webui.


This is the port your Deluge is running on, the actual headless program that does all the downloading for you. You won’t need this most of the time.


This is the password you use for FTP,SSH,VNC and deluge. The password you choose when making the account is ONLY used to log into the website, no where else. Please make sure to type it manually and try to copy+paste it before opening a ticket that it doesn’t work. When you copy+paste, you may get an arbitrary space so it is always best to type it out. Try to find a pattern in your password so you can memorize it. It can also be useful as a strong password for other places if you add special and numeric characters. There hasn’t been one valid case of a wrong password to date.

VNC Port

This is the port your vnc is running on.

VNC Display

Some VNC clients require not the port but the display value.

Your account comes with a few things you should know about.

- Deluge

First and foremost, you do NOT have to do anything server side.


Deluge is our main client but we support other clients as well. If you need to change, please look for the appropriate guides in the wiki section. The main method of managing your client is through the WebUI. You can access the address by clicking on the ‘connect’ link located on your dashboard. Bookmark this for convenience. If you choose Deluge when making your account the link is in this format: If Utorrent: If you decide to change clients at anytime, the ‘connect’ link will not change. You’ll have to manually change this yourself so you can access the WebUI.

A secondary method is through a VNC which will be expanded upon below. Lastly, you can set up Deluge locally to remotely manage your slice. Settings up a local Deluge to manage your slice If you want to learn more about how Deluge works you can read this article.

Deluge is set to download to the “Downloading” folder and moves it to “Completed” upon completion. You will have to change these settings if you plan to cross seed or hash a torrent. It's best to uncheck (disable) "Move completed to" so the download to path (default is ~/torrents/completed) is the only place your data will go. Please try to keep the number of torrents you’re seeding at a reasonable number as you are sharing the box with other people. If you have a large amount of torrents, it will cause the WebUI to slow down and potentially crash.


With the use of a FTP client, this is how you will transfer files between your computer and the server. You can read more about using FTP here. Also look at this wiki regarding ftp speeds for suggested clients and ways to improve your speeds.


VNC is a way to remote control a computer. You can remote control your box and access some options in Deluge that are not present on the WebUI. If you need to use a browser, open Google Chrome (it’s already installed) but do not leave it open. Also, do NOT install Flash, Firefox or any other program. If you need to install something, visit the IRC channel or send a private ticket so it can be done for you assuming it is not resource heavy. You can learn how to connect to VNC by reading this article.


Some seedbox providers do not offer shell access, but we do. Shell access allows you to perform some interesting actions and is mandatory for troubleshooting if you ever visit the IRC. Look at the first part of this guide to access your slice via SSH. If you’re interested in using your seedbox as a proxy, look here

We’d prefer if you continue reading on with this wiki. Feel free to look at the other wikis created by our other customers. Visit the IRC if you have any problems. There’s no need to ask if you can answer a question yourself.

BlueCrystal's Guide To Bytesized (Answers to some FAQ)

Here are some answers to questions regularly asked in the IRC channel. This is meant as a one-stop guide for everything you might ever need to ask.


Why is my FTP so slow !!

The staff cannot control FTP speeds. FTP is already prioritized above everything else and we cannot make you download faster. The servers are located in Luxembourg, Europe and most people are a good distance from them. We suggest enabling multithreading in your client, stopping any internet heavy activity locally, getting a better internet connection, using a ping regulator like cFosSpeed or moving to Luxembourg. If you really think there is something wrong with your speeds, like a heavy user using the seedbox for things untorrent related, you can ask an admin on IRC or make a ticket. ONLY do this if you have a good reason to ask.


VNC is down

There are a few methods to go about checking to see if VNC is actually down or whether your connection is messed up. Click the Java VNC link on your dashboard and see if your VNC actually is down. If VNC doesn’t load in your browser (Java must be enabled!), it’s down.

  • Methods of restarting:

You can either restart from your dashboard by clicking Reboot box. This will kill all processes including FTP!

  • If that does not work:

Log in via SSH, type:

stop-vnc && start-vnc
  • If that still does not work:

Log in via SSH, type

ps -u username 

username being your dashboard username. A process list should appear. See if Xvnc is running. If it is, type

kill xxxx 

xxxx being the process ID for Xvnc. Then type:



vncserver :qq 

qq being your Display port listed on your dashboard.

I get a lockfile error in SSH or Xauthority cannot be altered.

First, make sure that VNC isn’t running, by typing

ps -u username  

in SSH. Once it isn’t, type

rm -f /.tmp/Xxx-lock  


rm -f ~/.Xauthority

depending on the situation. Then try running VNC. If that still does not work, it most likely means some user stole your VNC port. Make a ticket and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

I want to change the size of my VNC resolution.

Log in via SSH, type

nano -w ~/.startup

and find the line that says ‘vncserver :$USER_VPRT’. Append a space and ‘-geometry ####x###’ to the line. It should look like this when you’re done with it:

vncserver :$USER_VPRT -geometry 1024×768

Restart your box from the dashboard and it should be working after.

Torrent Clients

I want to upgrade Deluge.

You Can’t. Well, theoretically you can but Bytesized does not provide support for this. If you don’t know how to do this, you shouldn’t be doing it.

My daemon is down. What do I do?

Restart your box. If that still doesn’t work, open up SSH and type

killall deluge && killall deluged 

Then restart your box. It should be running now.

I want to change my webui port. How do I do this?

We’d prefer if you didn’t change it. If you want to do this, you’ll need to make a ticket. No promises on whether it’ll happen.

Can you change my client?

No, you can do it yourself by following this guide


The server is slow!

Are you sure it’s actually slow and not just a lag? In a terminal in VNC or SSH, type:


and look at the stats. If you notice that one of the CPU`s is between 80%-100% for more then 12 hours, drop by our IRC.Typically, the boxes aren’t hammered but you just have a lag. If there is continued usage making the box actually slow, please make a ticket. No, 50% usage for 30 minutes does not count.

How do I view server/slice usage?

To view current stats of processes, type


in a command window in VNC or SSH. To view transfer stats, type

vnstat -tr  

for 5 second averages or vnstat -l for live stats. You cannot view slice speed usage, currently.

How many users are on each server?

6-10, depending on what types of slices are on each. We only put the minimum amount we need on each server so costs are balanced and so that the servers will not be oversold. In all reality, most users never even burst close to 10MB/s.

How fast are the servers connections?

All servers are on their own 100mbit connection. This means a maximum theoretical of 12.5MB/s both ways with a realistic maximum of 10MB/s both ways.

My server is down!

Before you freak out, please check the tickets, dashboard notices and the IRC channel. Odds are we already know and are checking it out. At least one of us is usually around 24/7, so we can keep you updated. If there is nothing about it, please let us know in a ticket or on IRC.

When can I upgrade to a bigger plan?

Your dashboard will say when it’s possible for you to upgrade. We do not like overselling our boxes so the scripts will tell you when we have space available.

The dashboard says cached. What do I do?

This is on the server side and not client. It either means the servers are timing out, the scripts aren’t running. The box could be down or it just didn’t process it. Please give it time and don’t panic about it.

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