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VNC is the most useful way to change the initial settings for your slice, and it’s the only way to move from the default client (Deluge) to another client. VNC lets you log in to your slice with a windowed environment and directly run, shut down, or change the processes running on your seedbox.


Getting your VNC client

A VNC client is needed to connect to your slice over VNC.

Required informatons

You’ll also need three important pieces of information from your Dashboard:

  • your slice’s server address
  • your application password
  • your VNC port



When you run your client, you should get something that looks like this:


You need to put your server address, a colon, and your VNC port in the box.
  • Don’t bother changing any other settings; just click “Connect”.
  • A box should pop up asking you for your password.
  • Copy & paste in your application password.
  • Once you’re logged in, you should see a desktop for your slice.


If you click the little “disk” button (in the green box in this screenshot), you can save your session information to a shortcut on your desktop.

  • If you need to run any program, you can get a menu by clicking the “monitor” button (in the yellow box in this screenshot).


  • Same goes for Chicken of VNC but instead of the port you use the display variable.


  • You need to put your server address in the host field and the display value in the display field.


OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard built in VNC Viewer

  • Switch to the Finder, then select the “Go → Connect to Server” menu (or press Command-K on your keyboard)


  • enter:

as the server address, where HOSTNAME is replaced by the name of your Bytesized server name


  • enter your VNC password and you’re done



If you use Ubuntu, you can use several VNC viewers from apt. One of my favorites is gtkvncviewer.

  • Open up terminal and type:
sudo apt-get install gtkvncviewer
  • After successful installation, gtkvncviewer is located at Applications->Internet->GTK VNC viewer, or you can just type gtkvncviewer in terminal.


  • When you fill your server address, username and application password, click Add to save your settings for later use.


Sometimes you will get an "too many security failures" error. This means some port scanners tried connecting to your VNC port. To fix this reboot VNC or your whole box and try connecting again.

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