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The main purpose of Do it, Do it, Done is to give bueenissss, families, classrooms, and educators an accessible to do list. Do it, Do it, Done lets you create an unlimited number of lists and planners, so individuals can continue to stay organized. This is a positive aspect for future teachers because it is important to always stay organized when teaching a classroom. Future teachers can use this application when they are creating lesson plans for each class. When the teacher is not organized, the students cannot learn to their full potential. Do it Do it Done is also a program that simplifies stress of a cluttered work environment; so the creators made the start process a stress free situation because there is no registration fee. There are not any sign up steps involved with Do it, Do it, Done; this eliminates a large amount of clutter and confusion because individuals do not have to be concerned about emails, passwords, or paying money to use the program.

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