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Transmission is simple Linux native bittorent client.


Transmission explained

  • Transmission is not installed on all of our boxes (since not a lot people are using it), so if you want to use it and it`s not installed on your server, open a ticket or drop by our IRC and it will be quickly installed :) .
  • On most new servers you can see if it is available by going to the VNC, then menu->run, and typing transmission.

Running Transmission

  • Connect to your slice via VNC.
  • Click the little computer icon in the left followed by “run”. Type in transmission.

Optimum Transmission settings

  • Go to edit→preferences and on the first screen change the destination folder to “torrents→completed” and "Automatically add torrents from: " to “torrents→watch”.


  • On the “Peers” tab up the adjust to following settings:


  • On the network tab change the port to a random number above 50000.



  • Make sure that you uncheck the "Enable uTP peer communication"


  • Now if you killed all deluge procceses you could setup the webui on the webui port on your dashboard, note that this will not work if the deluge webui is still running. We advise you to use the username and password from the dashboard to make the life for support members easier but you are free to use what you want. Make sure you uncheck the “Only allow the follwing ips to connect” or set it to your ip address.


  • That should be it! :]
  • If you want to auto-start the Transmission Client when your box reboots, just add the line ‘transmission’ to your startup script as explained on this page. Just replace utorrent with transmission.

Note: we are only offering Transmission as an option, you should only use it if you have previous experience with it.

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