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If you need to quickly turn your FLAC files into MP3 files, you can do it on your own box with whatMP3. WhatMP3 is lightweight FLAC2MP3 converter. You can find more info about WhatMP3 project here .


Log into your VNC or SSH in your slice. If you are in VNC, open up the lxterminal.

To convert your flac file to V0 all you need to type is:

whatmp3 --V0 "path/to/flacFolder/"

so if I would like to convert flac files in a folder named Marvu - Underground Jazz, located in torrents/completed:

whatmp3 --V0 "torrents/completed/Marvu - Underground Jazz"

and that would create folder named Marvu - Underground Jazz(V0).

For more examples visit the project whatmp3 page.

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