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This is the intro text as given when you first log in via a terminal

Hi, welcome to your bytesized shell :)
We’ve added a few shell aliases (commands) for common
things, to make your life easier, here’s a quick list of
things you might want to do:

command – what it does
irssi – join our channel in the IRC chat, use this to get support! we haven’t added this one, but we’ve set it up for you
start-deluged or stop-deluged – start or stop the deluge daemon ( if you have problem )
start-deluge-webui or stop-deluge-webui – guess what? =)
start-vnc or stop-vnc – again, self explanitory
daemon-status – list if any of deluge, deluge-webui or vnc are running

For more advances users: DISPLAY is set to run X programs on your vnc server, and if you check
out ~/.bashrc , you can change which version of utorrent you’d like to use

press “q” to exit this screen This screen will not be displayed to you in the future, if you want to see it again, type “intro”

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