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February 2013, located in Longhua Town, Shenzhen, surging Belle, Belle International shares listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange hitting a record higher of 17.86 yuan cost. But, it did not expect the scene ensued, followed by Belle suffered the Chinese footwear industrys most depressed a year, its share price tag had fallen by almost half and speedily. From peak to trough, the survival in the state is like a roller coaster. International acquisitions allow Belle to "all categories", "big retail" a vital step towards the target, but the behavior of the market straddling worry. This scenario, apparently to allow Chinas biggest womens retailer did not have time for you to celebrate - the initial time exceeded the prior year accomplished sales of 30 billion yuan achievements, its CEO and executive director Sheng Baijiao he ordered forced to accelerate the start of Chinese shoes Wang apparel ladies cross temptation. August 2013, to HK $ 733 million Belle acquired 31.96% equity interest in Baroque Japanese suppliers. Japan is known as a Baroque particularly for young Japanese womens rapidly style brand retailers, 90% of its retailers positioned in Japan, and mainland China retailers to 24. As well as the popularity with the Korean camp or various brands in Europe and America, on behalf of womens baroque trend in Japan. Within the Chinese mainland industry, furthermore to a large collection of IT shop, couple of other Japanese women competing merchandise. The campaign, declaring China "shoes King" officially cross the womens sector. Only separated by per week, it has entered into an acquisition agreement with Italy Llano (LNUOI), directed Belle coveted high-end style industry. Belle eager for the winter, because the acquisition of firms which include Baroque Japans policy of cross-border operations to rescue Belle, so expectations were higher together with the management. Certainly, this is a "bargain-hunting when the market downturn," the cost-effective deal. Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow applicants are far said, "Baroque in 2011 to four.1 billion valuation of HK $ 5.eight billion, as outlined by Belle in to the share price tag less costly four percent." Sheng Baijiao, "said Belle will garment as a improvement path just after three to five years, China will accelerate in to the high-end style market." Womens cross Despite the fact that this can be an important step in Belle to "all categories", "big retail" aim, however the business is still worried about cross-border method. Magang renowned independent commentator footwear enterprises will develop into a bottleneck - "category, channel, management" with the three constraints, he believes that "the core channel benefits Belle 18,000 retailers nationwide by the composition, dot the vast majority of self- stores, though other footwear enterprises hobbled turn retail from wholesale model, Belle channel management capabilities have already been far ahead. "But instances have time for you to take into account the alterations also make it extensive, Belle growth bottleneck than the few within the category. Even though the absolute leader within the market of high-end womens shoes, has always occupied a 3 percent marketplace share. However the "typical significant single solution companies" - make it whilst in front of division retailers possess the advantage of a premium, but also face a higher systemic risk. But, quickly becomes the advantages and disadvantages of speed, fully beyond the imagination of Belle management. Belle began early ahead of attempting to extend the product line, was the focus of childrens shoes category improvement direction, and after that launch its personal brand of low-end shoes 15min expand in to the market place; September 2012 acquisition of high-end mens Lengthy Hao earth into the industry, but are arrested beneath the "Shoes" category. Even though it has as Nike, Adidas, Levis and also other international producers finish retailers in China. Shen is far, "said merchandising hyperlinks, the clothes and footwear essentially no distinction." Belles clothing has invariably maintained a proper distance and plays the role of agency, focusing around the production of footwear style, procurement and manufacturing to sales channels laid, and via consignment upgrade channel efficiency. Baroque for the first time Belle apparel brand equity acquisition, so that it truly is a large step towards cross-border functionality stress. 2013 semi-annual report of its income grew by 11.1%, net profit fell 3.4% growth is facing collapse. Belle could be the new store growth inside the core company model stimulating company development, enhance new class to add new channels to replace the original model, which became the first reaction dependent epitaxial growth. In 2013 its growth slowed to 10% shop, continued to expand new category is one other way of life, can also be becoming increasingly critical. Originally "consignment" mode to raise when the new class to make it sink like a stone. At that time, the Italian mens brand GEOX right after the expiration of the five-year agency contract Belle "decided to break up", despite the fact that by a hundred Linu force, creating Italy the very first mens brand, the worlds second-largest brand GEOX footwear from alot more than 90 outlets in mainland China expanded to 340 months, but stopped short of cooperation, so that it may not get 5 channels into long-term gains, "Retailers fear is raised to industry, brand, and it doesn't play," analyst Magang comment. This time, ladies garments Belle cross-border acquisitions, resolve myself to play. Baroque restructuring strategy currently the second time ambition in the Chinese industry. 2008 Hiroyuki Murai new president took workplace, his limited expertise inside the apparel sector, one of the positive aspects is filled with bite Beijing Yun fluent Mandarin. The "China" to take over the second year, the Baroque China branch set up. In 2010, the brand was 1st introduced, the mainlands initially store opened in Shanghai Grand Gateway. Baroque after the goal is usually to "develop in January 2014 to 100 retailers." But clearly the day "play" a massive difference, presently 90% in the stores are situated in the Baroque mainland Japan, Belle acquire its 30% stake over the basic indicates to grasp the absolute dominance of the Chinese industry. In line with media reports, operating amongst Belle along with the Baroque, in October last year had ended, the important area mobility has been completed. Baroque Shanghai enterprise employees on the "Global Entrepreneur" stated: the original Shan Zhao, Managing Director has left, "now (management) are Belle consumers." There Belle help in generating their very own inability to finish the Baroque 100 retailers, "the purpose of becoming relaxed. In the New World Department Shop, by way of example, its total of significantly more than 70 footwear brands, Belle and its brands occupy 13 percent, 3 % contribution to sales. Ladies will straight advantage from its footwear brand influence, to get a high premium around the judgment of shops and hiring, that is similar to other Belle consignment clothing brand routines. In spite of this, the unknown could be the brand from the solution itself, cross-border results hinges on Belle no regions of expertise - clothes production design and style. Magang that "the acquisition in the Baroque, Belle doesn't expand into clothes style, because of the high input fees in addition to a long period." Belle hard to grasp the product design and style, which make it cast a risk. In 2013 precisely the same because the garment business downturn, robust advertising and marketing will capture the market more than the previous era lengthy gone. "Today is just the starting era of marketing and advertising, as an alternative to the keys to victory. Most significant issue is the hands of an excellent product." Magang "Global Entrepreneur" stated. Belle Shoes and settled in its personal department for the Baroque exhibition shop, but Belles target consumer user is often a Baroque pay is an additional matter, the important item design just doesn't hold in Belle hands, but controlled by the Baroque.

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Not enough concentrate on the development of Chinese school clothes has also become a significant bottleneck, and this mode of operation, but also a direct result of the apparel sector in Wuhan impetuous atmosphere. But clearly, by the second generation of your power enterprises to revive Chinese college clothes is not pretty realistic, it appears in Zhang Li, the role of government is crucial for the future development in the garment market in Wuhan. Wo, Akei, Reds, adore Dili, Hok, Yuan Tian ...... perhaps many persons are acquainted with these brands is no longer, but within the 1990s, they're highly renowned, "Han sent clothing," the standard. Using the geographical advantage of nine provinces of Wuhan garment market inside the 1990s has led a generation of Chinese fashion consumption. "In Wuhan make a dam fashion" has also been a aim in the arranging and building of your garment sector in Wuhan. "In the 1990s, the Norths garment enterprises haven't but awareness and ability southward, whilst Shenzhen was just opening up, China has not but strong garment cluster. Wuhan advantage by virtue of geography and commerce, the fast rise within the apparel industry." Wuhan Fashion Style Federation president Mao Lihui told reporters, is by virtue of these advantages, let Wuhan "trapped" a whole lot of the east and south of buyers and dealers to buy clothing. However, such a brilliant and didn't final. "From about 2002 and 2003, Chinese school clothing steadily began to decline." Mentioned Wu Jianmin, chairman Choulan agencies, shoppers can now put it out of Chinese college clothing brand could not possess a couple of, and a number of of Wuhan clothes brand, but additionally progressively "removed" in the four-tier cities along with the wholesale market. Certainly, inside the "golden years" Chinas garment business, Chinese college clothes within the business, but farther and farther down the road. For many young shoppers, lots of folks don't even know, "Han sent clothing" in the finish what does looking "Chinese school", "13 to 15 years ago, Wu Group is represented in a lot of Wuhan Department, Ministry of clothing have already been established, They started searching for the strength and guidance of local clothes brand presence mall. promote the department shop business is relying Wuhan garment industry progressively usher within a glorious period of improvement. "Mao Lihui told reporters definitely that" Chinese school clothes "concept, then is actually a former deputy general manager Wu Group Xiuying. "In 1991 and 1994, the Wuhan City on the improvement from the neighborhood garment market specially convened two workshops. Wu Group as head of apparel category, I also participated in two workshops." Xiuying said. In Xiuying seems, in addition to the governments focus for the development with the garment industry in Wuhan was certainly clear benefits. "Very good quality industrial base in Wuhan, Wuhan was the neighborhood garment enterprises has greater than 1,500 garment production capacity is quite strong. Meanwhile, Wuhan clothing four seasons, compatibility, so it is easy to create. Coupled with geographic Wuhan and industrial positive aspects, clothing will soon flourished. "In truth, in the starting to ensure that clothes agencies stationed mall is just not easy. "At that time, several individuals boss appears brand in Hanzhengjie and wholesale sales, totally capable to meet operating needs, no will need to enter the mall." Xiuying told reporters that the response to this circumstance, in an effort to guarantee the supply in the mall, after they it takes a great deal of energy to convince the boss Hanzhengjie into the mall, to the high-end clothing direction. As an increasing number of clothing brand began sprouting mall operations, the influence force of Wuhan clothing industry inside the country is progressively established. The "Chinese school clothing" real claim to fame, it really is in 1994. "At that time, Wu Group organized a dozen garment enterprises in Wuhan name of Chinese college clothes banner to participate in the China International Clothes & Accessories Fair, and the organization of Chinese garment enterprises in east Shanghai faction, expedition, Xian, Shenyang, northward, southward engage in Guangzhou fairs to expand the marketplace, "Han sent clothing name within the nation thus began." Mao Lihui told reporters. After making the brand influence, to enhance value-added products, and take the higher road, in to the mall has grow to be an increasing number of garment enterprises in Wuhan development options.

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