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I'm with HalfThere. I really want to get a sevrer with IC2 up and running on 1.0, but I have been unable to tell people when I could do so because I don't know when IC2 might be out. I asked about whether or not we could get a partial release on 1.0 (with just the ores, rubber trees, other resources), and was told no, but I really hope you reconsider. I'd like to have them, so us sevrer admins could at least have something, and then add IC2 later. It is completely up to you of course, and it is just an idea. I think it would help a lot with people waiting to create new worlds and sevrers.I hope you don't see HalfThere and I as being impatient or anything, because I certainly can wait (and I'm sure HalfThere can too). My players can't, however, and have been hassling me about it. Again, great work on your amazing mod, and I wish you luck on porting it to 1.0!

XZ3Iwu Really appreciate you sharing this article. Will read on...


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