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Notes for a potentital future discussion with Animazing about the future of the API and the apps.

api-key is provided as header, or as a an extra url parameter after /v2

This was designed to be restful

/api/v2/read /api/v2/read/boxes /api/v2/read/boxes/36 /api/v2/read/tickets /api/v2/read/tickets/25 /api/v2/read/tickets/25/messages /api/v2/read/tickets/25/messages/1 /api/v2/read/finance /api/v2/read/finance/state /api/v2/read/finance/invoices /api/v2/read/finance/invoices/47 /api/v2/read/finance/transactions /api/v2/read/finance/transactions/56

dEMapD Thanks-a-mundo for the post. Keep writing.


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