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What is pyWhatAuto?

pyWhatAuto is a standalone autodownloader written by johnnyfive/blubba. Once set up, it'll catch IRC announcements and download the torrent file to your watch directory (or wherever you point it to).

WARNING: Read this first!

This HOWTO is written for pyWhatAuto 1.72!


The only dependency for pyWHATauto is having Python 2.5 or 2.6. If you're on a VPS, you may need to install this. All seedbox slices have this prerequisite.

Downloading the file

Log into your VNC or SSH in your slice. If you are in VNC, open up the lxterminal. Type:


this will download a .zip file. Now, we need to unpack the file, type:

 unzip -d pyWhatAuto

this will unzip the files in to the pyWhatAuto directory.

NOTE: If you get an error saying:

-bash: unzip: command not found

or something along those lines, come by our IRC. It is possible that unzip is not installed. Just say what server you are on and that you need unzip installed. You can also create a ticket if IRC is too much of a bother.

Filling out the necessary information

Before we start editing the configuration files, we need to make sure that we know our home folder location. To get this information type:

cd && pwd


echo $HOME

in your terminal. You will get something similar to this:


where /home/hd1/max is your home directory.


Open up your setup.conf file inside the pyWhatAuto directory, type in your terminal:

nano ~/pyWhatAuto/release-1.72/setup.conf

Find these lines, and fill them with your informations:

  • torrentDir= - you will put location to your watch folder. This will in your torrents folder in your home folder. For example, mine would be /home/hd1/max/torrents/watch
  • drive= - path to your home folder. In my case, /home/hd1/maxl
  • limit= - size of your slice. I used to have 110GB slice so I would put 110.

Everything else can be left as it is. You can hold CTRL while pressing X,enter Y to save the modifications you made, then press ENTER.


Before we start editing the file, we need to register our bot. These next steps are for, but something similar is done for other sites.

Registering your bots nick

Go to IRC( you can find howto in their wiki). After you registered with drone, in your IRC chat client type:

/nick yournick|pyWHATbot

of course, change yournick to your actual nick :) Next,

/msg nickserv register yournickservpass [email protected]

and finally,

/whois yournick|pyWHATbot

If you did everything right, after you`ve typed this last command, you should get something similar to this:

 [yournick|pyWHATbot] ([email protected]) : yourusername
 [yournick|pyWHATbot] #whatbot 
 [yournick|pyWHATbot] :What-Network
 [yournick|pyWHATbot] is logged in as yournick|pyWHATbot
 [yournick|pyWHATbot] is a registered nick
 [yournick|pyWHATbot] is using a secure connection
 [yournick|pyWHATbot] End of WHOIS list.

Now you can change your nick back, and we can continue editing files in your terminal window.

Editing credentials

Next, credentials.conf:

nano ~/pyWhatAuto/release-1.72/credentials.conf

Scroll down to the bottom of the file and fill out your information:

[email protected]      we got this one by doing a /whois, scroll up a few lines :)
chanfilter=#whatbot                         channel you want your bot to be controlled from
username=yoursiteusername                   your site username on
password=yoursitepassword                   your site password on
botNick=yourusername|pyWHATbot              your bot's nickname that we registered few lines up
ircKey=yourirckey                           your irckey that's set on your site profile
nickServPass=yournickservpass               the nickserv password you registered for your bot

We are done, save the changes (You can hold CTRL while pressing X,enter Y to save the modifications you made, then press ENTER.)


Final step,

nano ~/pyWhatAuto/release-1.72/filters.conf

There are already some examples in the file, but we will write the most common used one, autosnatching MP3 V0 2011(this is (re)written in 2011:) ) :

quality=V0 (VBR)

Save the changes and exit nano.

Now, this filter is, at the moment, most used one for creating some buffer on You can use pyWhatAuto to snatch artists, editions you actually like. For tweaks on the filters join #whatbot on and ask around.

UPDATE: changed their server address so we need to edit another config file: regex.conf

nano ~/pyWhatAuto/release-1.72/regex.conf

and then change the server to:

Starting pyWhatAuto

After all this editing, we now get to start it up \o/ In terminal type:

screen -S pywa python ~/pyWhatAuto/

, bunch of lines will appear and if you filled all your informations right, torrent downloading will start once the filters match.

You can detach screen to leave it running. Press ctrl then a, then d, this will detach screen and pyWhatAuto will work in background. If you want do attach it again, type screen -r pid.pywa, where pid is a number of process.

Controlling your bot

Join #whatbot on and type:


to see all the commands you can use to control your bot( of course, your bot needs to be running). Most commonly used commands are:

%stats       for listing the stats of downloaded and seen torrents
%filter enable filtername    for enabling filter called filtername
%filter disable filtername

and so on.


If you find this script useful, thank johnnyfive and blubba in #whatbot, they would like that! Also, if you can afford to donate, visit , makes johnnyfives` and blubbas` efforts little more appreciated :)

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