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SSH access

To ssh in to your slice you need terminal or terminal emulator.


Open up your terminal and type:

ssh [email protected]

(with servername being your actual server name). You will get screen similar to this


Type yes, then type your password and voila you are connected to your slice via secure shell (ssh).

Log In Without A Password

 ssh-keygen -t rsa

just press enter until the script finishes

Create a .ssh directory in your home folder on the server

 ssh [email protected] mkdir -p .ssh

Append your public key into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

 cat .ssh/ | ssh [email protected] 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'


  • Download putty.
  • When you start it, you should get window like this:


In Hostname box type:

(with servername being your actual server name)

Click open, you should get windows like this:


Click yes. Next, type your username at login: and password at password: and you`re in. (where password is your application password from your dashboard) You will NOT see your password.

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