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Uploading a new torrent to a tracker with your seedbox is no different than doing so from your local machine. The first part will explain how to do so on a local machine and the latter half will cover your slice.

Uploading to a tracker consists of three main steps:

1) Create a .torrent file
2) Upload the .torrent to the site
3) Add the .torrent to your client so it can seed


Creating a torrent file

The following will be using deluge but the interface for all torrent clients are similar

You’ll need a deluge and the data you want to upload.

1) File -> Create Torrent or click the button


2) Select the file and/or folder you want to upload.

3) Add the tracker announce url. The site you want to upload to will give you the announce url to use.

4) Click on Options and tick Set Private Flag

  • Optional The piece size will automatically be determined by the client. The only reason to change this is if you're cross seeding

5) Save

You only need to create a .torrent if you're uploading original content to the site. If you're simply looking to reseed, you can just redownload the .torrent from the site and skip to Adding the torrent

Uploading to the site

Upload the .torrent to the site. Adhere to any rules regarding description requirements.

Adding the torrent

Some sites may require you to download the .torrent from their site after you’ve uploaded it. For others, you can simply use the one you create. Check the site in question.

For whatever reason, this step seems to confuse people.

1) File -> Add Torrent or click the button


When you add a torrent, it’ll download to the directory you set in the options.

If you were to Add it without changing the directory, it’ll look for the file in \Downloads\ and if it fails to find it, will download it (by getting it from seeders and peers). This is what normally happens.

But, you don’t want this. You already have the data! If the data is actually in \Downloads\TV\ then you change the download location. When you add it this time, it'll find it and begin “hashing”


This simply checks to see if the file/folder is the same as the source that was used when creating the .torrent. Everything needs to be the same (the filename, the size, etc) for it to hash to 100%.

After it finishes hashing, you’re seeding.

That’s about it. You’ve added a new torrent to the site and you’re the first seeder.

Uploading from your seedbox

To upload from the seedbox, you do the same steps.

Creating the torrent

1) Where’s the data? You need the source to create the .torrent remember?

1a) If it’s on your local machine, you can create the .torrent with a torrent client then upload the data to your box

1b) If it’s on the seedbox, you can create the torrent with mktorrent. You could also download the data off the box and then create the .torrent but that's stupid and you're not stupid right?

Uploading to the site

See Uploading to the site

Adding the torrent

The data NEEDS to be on your slice. The .torrent DOES NOT magically pull the data out of thin air nor can it reach the data you have on your local machine.

See Adding the torrent

How to seed one torrent to multiple sites

That is to say, having one copy of the data and seeding to it several trackers. This is known as cross seeding.

Let's say you have a file/folder you want to to upload to sites x, y, and z. You'll need to create three .torrent files each with a different piece size and announce tracker.

hR8hE.png lfkBp.png dLI3N.png

If you're not the original uploader but want to cross seed, simply download the .torrent file from the sites and make them all point to the same data.

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