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openVPN tunnels all your traffic. When you only want to browse anonymously (with your seedbox IP) that is unnecessary. Setting up HTTP proxy is easy and only takes couple of seconds.




  • Browser(in this wiki Firefox is used)

Configuring PUTTY


In host name fill your server name.

Scroll down to "Connection", "SSH" and select "Tunnel". In "Source port" type in something like 12345(you can use any combination of numbers). Select radio buttons "Dynamic" and "Auto" and then press "Add".


Still under "Connection" select "Data" and fill in your bytesized username.


Now we can save the changes. Go back to "Session" and under "Saved Sessions" enter the name you like for this connection(Server at Bytesized, Bytesized tunnel are some eg.) and "Save"


Configuring browser

When you open Firefox open up "Options" which is under "Tools". Go to "Advanced", choose "Network" tab and then "Settings". Choose "Manual proxy configuration" and fill in "SOCKS Host" with localhost and Port with the one you set up in putty. Save the changes.


Starting tunnel

When you start putty, choose the connection that was saved and click "Load". "Open" will open the putty window and ask for your password. Password is the application password located at your bytesized Dashboard.


Now you can start your browser and check your IP with one of the online services like


PUTTY must be open for your tunnel to work


Open up terminal and type:

ssh -D portnumber [email protected]

for example:

ssh -D 8081 [email protected]

Note: your browser needs to be setup like this.

If you cannot open blocked site even after using the tunnel

There is a chance that site block is more sophisticated and includes DNS blocks in which case http tunnel won't be able to load the website(unless you know the IP). In that case you should try using openVPN or using http tunnel with DNScrypt (Thanks byteit for bringing this to our attention). If you manage to successfully use DNScrypt and want to help out by writing a step-by-step wiki please contact us via the ticketing system.

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