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We have two sorts of discounts here at Bytesized hosting: Referral and Time-based discounts. Both discounts are trying to reward our most loyal members.

Referral discounts

You will receive a 1% discount on all your invoices for each active member you referred to Bytesized. Note that your referrals should have an active box, otherwise they won't give you a discount.

Time based

The other discount is based on the age of your active box. If your box is older then 6 months you will automatically receive a 5% discount, when your box is a year old this will be increased to 10%.

These discounts only apply to the Leaseweb based plans, the plans in the Netherlands, and will not work on any of our other plans. Plans that are in beta are not included in the discount scheme. Both type of discounts stack so in an ideal situation you could get up to 20% discount on your boxes.

These discounts are not set in stone and we might need to adjust them in the future.

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