Temporary fix for Deluge watch folder not loading torrents

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Sometimes, Deluge likes to break and not load your torrents in your watch folder. As far as we know, this is some sort of weird bug. This is a simple method to get it working again.

The Fix

1) Disable your watch folder temporarily in Deluge. Just Go to Settings -> Downloads -> Auto add .torrent files. Uncheck that box.

2) Close any of your autodownloaders or RSS downloaders.

3) Delete your entire watch folder and make it. You can do this with

rm -rf ~/torrents/watch && mkdir ~/torrents/watch && chmod 700 ~/torrents/watch

4) Restart your deluge client. You can just do with the Reboot box button on your dashboard.

5) When you get back into deluge, turn the watch folder back on.

6) Restart any autodownloaders. Everything should work now :)

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