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Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not the newer Bytesized offer.

As you all should know, Bytesized is ran by torrent enthusiasts. We are doing our best to offer plans that are consistent and easy to use.

We will try to explain in short why Bytesized is not offering Gbit boxes. NOTE: this is only ByteSized's opinion

  • Gigabit cannot be unlimited and affordable

Gigabit servers are really expensive and that's a simple fact. In order to make them affordable, providers are imposing bandwidth limits. Those bandwidth limits are as low as 10TB a month and they go up to 100TB. In a shared environment like seedboxes that can be pretty low and unacceptable. To buy unlimited bandwidth gigabit servers, we would need several hundred euros(even thousands) per server. As a consequence, the price per slice would be extraordinarily high. The more bandwidth that needs to be purchased for server is extraordinary. For many retailers, bandwidth is charged by the gigabyte from .75 to 3.00 euro. On a 100Mbit server, this isn't as bad of a hit if there is an overage. However, with a gigabit server, the potential is much higher as a gigabit server has ten times the potential in speeds. Not to mention, 100TB can be blown through easily on a gigabit server if the users on the server are bandwidth heavy.

  • HDD is a limiting factor

I know what you are going to think:"But normal desktop hdd can pull off 100MB/s". That as well can be true, but that would only mean that we can add 1 person per hdd. So we end up in the high price territory again. Even as low as 2 users per hdd can make a significant difference in hdd performance. This is not the only issue, but the hard drives are only intented to burst to this speed. With seedboxes and multiple users, the disk is constantly under a heavy load, with reading and writing at multiple points across the hard drive. This is one of the top things that are holding this back. For more information, check out this article from Tip of the Day on hard disk damages from BitTorrent.

  • How are others doing it?!

Other providers have different philosophies compared to Bytesized-Hosting. Most of them offer VPS's which in return brings the ability to have higher prices (since users have more power over their boxes) and consequently have less users per server. If they do offer a shared seedboxes model they need to put a higher numbers of users both per HDD and per server. Some of them offer Gbit servers with bandwidth limits. As that is an option, a natural question comes to mind: How is that better then unlimited 100Mbit?

  • Most trackers are not viable for Gbit servers

Ok, so some trackers are(like SCC, TL, IPT), but the fact stands that others will only see those speed bursts. If 1% of the time (over a month) you see speeds greater then 100Mbit and for the other 99% of the time you don't, than what is the point? People always complain how their gigabit box doesn't have great speeds, but as it turns out most of the times their trackers (and leechers) cannot take those speeds. In rare occasion they can, the HDD will choke after some time thus reducing speed.

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