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You know you have quality developers when you throw at them a small idea and they create something truly amazing. Slickplaid and Animazing are exactly that. When given the idea to create a small widget which can display your box quota, they created ByteSized's Pandora.

What does it do?

ByteSized's Pandora is a Chrome(and Chromium) extension which sits quietly in your browser. When opened, it shows the most important and frequently used data from your seedbox. Current version (1.0.1) shows:

  • Current quota graphs
  • Expiration date of each box you own
  • Account Balance
  • Notifications when you go over assigned quota
  • Supports multiple boxes


ByteSized's Pandora is available from Google WebStore, get it here:

After clicking Install you will be taken to the extensions options page:


To get your API-key you need to go to your My Account and you'll find API keys link:


API keys page allows you to generate your own personal key which is tied to your account, use Request New Key:



Copy generated Key and add it to the extension:


On successful completion you should get to the page that looks like this:


Extension is situated on the right side of your browser:


and clicking on it brings up an overview of your boxes:



If you notice any bugs report them to us on IRC. If you like this useful extension be sure to thank slickplaid and Animazing I am sure they would appreciate it :)

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