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Message from the developer
Thanks for the feedback guys! I was shocked at how popular the application has become, with over 250 active installs, and over 600 in total! I hope it continues to be useful :)

Bytesized Hosting is so awesome that it now has it's own android application! This page provides a small description.


What can you do with it?

  • View your profile, including your balance.
  • Receive notifications (and a vibration) if you are below €0.00
  • View the usage and status of each of your seedboxes.
  • Open the Web-UI for each seedbox. (Note: Doesn't work on some devices)
  • View the 3 latest news articles.
  • Add widgets to the home screen, which you can add to your home screen, which show the status of one box each.

VPS's are not yet supported


How To Get It

Search for 'ByteSized Hosting' on your android device's market, or go here. If you would rather get the APK and install directly, the latest version can be grabbed from google code.

Known Issues

  • 2 Force Closes have been reported which are triggered by opening the Profile Tab.
  • Buttons are slightly chopped off on the settings screen (Jason via the market comments).

If you encounter these issues or any others, please create a ticket on the main Bytesized website with more details.


Released Versions

I will use the following version numbering scheme for updates: (Rewrite number).(Major feature number).(Minor feature number).(Bug fix number)


  • The first version of the application!


  • Fixed the ByteSized API URL. This was causing all API updates to fail.

Version (Coming Soon)

  • A requested addition for the 'Bandwidth' state of a box.

Future Ideas

Note from the developer: Unfortunately, due to simply not having enough time, development will not continue until at least July, other than for minor bug fixes. Here are a list of features that I hope to implement when I have the time, sorted by how hard it will be for me to implement.


  • Get the main application to open when the widget is clicked (Suggested by Nelis, amdrod73 and indigiochaser)
  • Fix the issue where the Web UI link does not work correctly. (Reported by downslayer)
  • Display a single notification when a box gets within 5% of the soft limit (Suggested by Nekopan)
  • Display superseding, repeating notifications (with a different message) when a box goes over it's soft limit (Adaptation of above suggestion by Nekopan)
  • Change the message that is displayed when the account balance is €0 (Suggested by Mantis)
  • Remove cached data, and force an data refresh upon change of the API-Key.
  • Show IP Addresses and ports in the application (Suggested by Jason)
  • Show some form of indicator when the widget is using cached data.
  • Hide the negative balance notification if the user has paid through the site, or has had their account terminated. (Suggested by EricBJ)

Not Easy

  • Support for https enabled boxes (Suggested by godsbrother.). Having spoken to Animazing, this cannot be done via the api. I will instead attempt to include some form of manual per-box setting instead.
  • A section of the settings tab which allows control of various factors to do with the notifications. (Such as interval time, vibration enabled etc)
  • Set a ringtone to be played when one of the notification is triggered (Suggested by Mantis)
  • Allow for widget refresh interval control (Suggested by amrod73)

Rather Difficult

  • Integration with external FTP and IRC applications.
  • Ticket reading support.
  • A new widget that displays the invoice and expiry date of a box (Suggested by ericbj)
  • Fixing of the widget sizing issues where the widget doesn't use the full screen width, but request that amount of space (Suggested by Mantis) Note: This should already be the case. I do not know why the widget doesn't obey the design.

Going To Be A Challenge

  • Graph support, showing your boxes' usage like on the bytesized google chrome addon.
  • Inbuilt display (but control) of torrents in Deluge and uTorrent.
  • An entirely new interface.

Lots more...

Install Graph


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