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Why is my box downloading/uploading this slow?

A lot of new users (and few old ones) keep asking us the same question: “Why is my upload(download) speed this low? I only get xxx KB/s down or up.” . It`s not an easy question to give answer to, but we can try and clarify some things.

As you already(should) know, in bittorent protocol your torrent client is connected to peers. Depending on the number of them and their quality, your upload(and download) speed can vary significantly. If the swarm is large and there are only a couple of seeders, your download speed can be low. While you are downloading your upload speed will vary depending on the leechers that are connected to you. If a leecher has download speed of 2Mbit(~250KB/s) you cannot upload to him at greater speeds(and he is also downloading from others). Add 5-6 peers like that and, voila-upload speed ~500KB/s. If your upload speed is fine while you`re downloading but drops when you become a seeder, either others have become seeders and they are feeding the swarm or it has to do with priorities(greater priority while you download). The latter is debatable by some. :) I think you`re getting the picture.

Next, ALWAYS keep in mind that you are on SHARED server. Cannot emphasize that enough. Other users also use your server. So, if you think that your torrent is not the problem, open up your terminal and type

vnstat --live 

and check if there is enough bandwith. If you are on 100Mbit server, down/up speed is ~12MB/s(in reality ~10MB/s). If terminal shows speeds that are near the limits, others are using it. :) But, in my experience, most of the times bandwidth is plentiful. If you are a new user and you are experiencing this issue, other users(your box-mates) are probably new too. Everybody likes to play with their new toy and take it to the limit. Give it a few days to settle, by then others will settle down. Then it`s your time to shine.:)

To recap,

depending on quality of the tracker you use, how old the torrent is, peers that are connected, and server usage, box speed can vary. Try different torrent, different tracker, jump on brand new 0day torrent, check your servers bandwidth usage. If you`re still having this issue, or the speed is low for a long time, join IRC and then ask around. :)

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